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infocommlogo Malcolm presented the latest version of his course, Designing the Electronic Classroom - What to Tell your Architect and AV Contractor at EduComm in Las Vegas on June 8.   Right-click here to download (PDF)
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malcolmEduTech specializes in student-centered design and evaluation of electronic (“smart”) classrooms, distance learning, training facilities, auditoria, and other learning spaces. I welcome your inquiry about our services. Please contact me at the earliest stage of your project, even if it is still in the conceptual phase. I can serve you best when you involve me at the beggining of your project. You can reach me directly at 513.961.6062 or Malcolm@EduTech.US.

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Who is Malcolm Montogmery? |back to top|

Malcolm Montgomery works with teams of faculty, architects, and engineers to develop and implement standards and designs for electronic classrooms (and other meeting and learning spaces).  During his 28-year tenure at the University of Cincinnati, he managed the development of the electronic classroom initiative from the first prototype in 1995 to the recent design of its 165th “smart classroom.”

Drawing on over 35 years of experience in media system design and installation, learning and meeting space design and construction, teaching, data networking, medical video production, and broadcasting, Malcolm is uniquely able to bridge the gaps between disciplines to support pedagogical goals through the integration of appropriate technology and effective classroom design.

Malcolm presents seminars and AIA (American Institute of Architects) accredited workshops on

designing electronic classrooms for InfoComm, EduComm, the Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC), the Society of College and University Planners (SCUP), and the National Association of System Contractors (NSCA).  He chaired the Inter-University Council of Media Directors (IUCMD) and co-hosted the CCUMC Annual Conference in 2004.

He served on the steering committee for the Technology Managers Council of InfoComm International, is an active editor of course material for the Professional Education and Training Committee, and participates in the Independent Consultants in AV Technologies Council

Malcolm retired from the University of Cincinnati in 2006, allowing him more time to provide educational technology consulting services and to develop and teach courses for technical, professional, and higher education.

What are his credentials? |back to top|

Master of Arts (MA) - Electronic Media / Broadcasting; awarded by the University of Cincinnati

Certified Technology Specialist – Design (CTS-D)
A specialized certification for audiovisual systems design professionals.  An individual earns this top-level certification by demonstrating detailed knowledge of how to analyze, select, and plan seamless interoperation of complex audiovisual communications equipment.  The candidate demonstrates this knowledge by developing complete specifications and drawings that deliver a desired outcome to meet a client's needs. A minimum of two years of industry experience accompanies the theoretical and practical competencies.  To earn the CTS-D, the individual must also agree to a Code of Ethics pledging truth, accuracy, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of their profession.

Certified Technology Specialist – Installation (CTS-I)
A specialized certification for audiovisual installation professionals. To earn the top level CTS-I, an individual must demonstrate skills and knowledge through a rigorous regimen of testing in a broad array of installation practices and techniques. Proficiency is required in installing all components of a professional audiovisual system. Holders of the CTS-I often serve as field supervisors, taking on additional responsibility for projects to ensure quality, efficiency, and safety on the jobsite. The individual must also agree to a Code of Ethics pledging truth, accuracy, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of their profession.


InfoComm and the InfoComm Independent Certification Committee are in the process of applying to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for accreditation of this certification under the International Standard ISO/IEC 17024 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification Schemes of Persons program.

CTS and CAVSP credential descriptions are based on InfoComm International publications. For more information, please see