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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the AV Communications Industry?

What do Independent Design Consultants like EduTech do?

What does “Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider” (CAVSP) signify?

Why Do I Need a CAVSP?



What is the AV Communications Industry? |back to top|

The AV communications industry centers on the technologies, products and systems for visual display, audio reproduction, video and audio production, interfacing and signal distribution, lighting, control systems, interactive display and audio presentation systems, remote video and web conferencing, and the furniture, cabling, connectors, and racks to tie them into a system.


What do Independent Design Consultants like EduTech do? |back to top|

Independent design consultants are often hired by architects or directly by clients to identify a client's AV needs, determine best options for the design of a system, including lighting, sound, image and control, and produce specifications for the job that can then be competitively bid by qualified systems integrators or negotiated with a preferred integrator. Routing video, audio, data, PC-video, as well as designing the lighting and power distribution appropriately in a room requires the expertise of a system designer who understands complete system functionality. 

EduTech’s unique and extensive experience in designing learning spaces that work with technology ensures that the end result will meet or exceed the client’s expectations and function as an excellent meeting, teaching, and presentation venue.

Design consultants act as the owner's technical representative to ensure that systems integrators are performing the job according to professional specifications as well as handling issues that may arise during construction. Using a design consultant offers a benefit of obtaining independent advice on components of the system, regardless of product brands and the opportunity for competitive pricing for the AV equipment and installation.


What does “Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider” (CAVSP) signify? |back to top|

InfoComm International, the leading industry trade group and credentialing authority, has granted EduTech the Certified Audio Visual Solutions Provider (CAVSP) Gold Seal.  CAVSP is awarded to organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to professional excellence.  The Gold Seal indicates that EduTech has achieved the top level of certification.  For more information, please see


Why Do I Need a CAVSP? |back to top|

From educational facilities to government agencies, to businesses, to architectural firms and facility managers, today's lecture, communications, sales, advertising, and conferencing functions demand professionally designed, installed, and produced audiovisual (AV) presentation systems.

Depending on the size of a company or facility, there may be an information technology department or staff person in-house needing assistance to bring your communications capabilities up to speed using the modern technology and systems available. A CAVSP offers professional guidance for your technical staff in determining how to proceed before needlessly expending time and money to research the options.

Small companies may not even have an IT or AV department, in which case the CAVSP provides a roadmap of whom to contact, whether you need to rent, buy or install AV equipment, or simply need a resource to produce an event.

Larger companies, government and military agencies, or higher education institutions are more likely to have AV departments, AV managers and AV technicians on their staff. These may be part of the communications department or part of the information technology or information systems department. Even in this situation, a skilled CAVSP can provide audiovisual services that can greatly enhance an organization's communications strategy.

When dealing with the design and construction of a new communications facility (a boardroom, auditorium, command and control center, videoconferencing facility, or entire high-tech building), it is important to identify AV needs early in the process.  A myriad of building considerations should be addressed during the design process, including lighting, space design, sightlines, acoustical requirements, cooling and electrical loads, furniture designs, wiring, networking, and many others.  When refurbishing or renovating an existing facility, many of the same considerations must be addressed, and the task is often more challenging because the audiovisual systems must be integrated into an environment that may not be conducive.


These FAQ’s are based on InfoComm International publications.